Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Port Lincoln Hungry Jacks - Still waiting for Better Burgers.

After the premises adjacent to KFC on Hallett Place was demolished, the rumour mill has once again stepped into overdrive that Hungry Jacks is finally coming to Port Lincoln.

It is disappointing, however, to announce that once again, it is just that; a rumour.

A Hungry Jack’s Spokesperson confirmed today that “Hungry Jack's does not currently have plans for a new restaurant in Port Lincoln”.

It is also understood that the owner of the site, Sarin Property Group, has no plans for an application to build a Hungry Jacks outlet on the site, nor have any plans been submitted to council for such development.

If however, someone does wish to bring the fast food giant to Port Lincoln, I for one would support it.

A Facebook group named “Hungry Jacks in Port Lincoln”, dedicated to bringing the popular fast food chain to Port Lincoln, has amassed over 1800 ‘likes’ since it was created back in 2009, so I get the feeling my views are shared.

The closest Hungry Jacks outlet to Port Lincoln is located in Whyalla, which means a round trip exceeding 500km... and one very expensive Whopper!